What can your employees do when they see danger?

Are they empowered to notify all of their co-workers if they see an armed intruder outside their window or inside your building? Or have you trained them to call the office or security to report what they see so it can be verified and investigated before a lockdown is called or 911 is notified?

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There is simply no time to waste.

In the next few seconds, as the gunman enters your building, all that will separate building occupants from serious injury, life or death will be whether they were notified that they were in danger and were able to create a barrier between themselves and the shooter.


Empowered employees save lives.

With Share911 employees are empowered to share the exact location of the threat or initiate a lockdown when they see danger, right from their own mobile device, from wherever they are, instantly notifying all of their co-workers and 911, at the same time.

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Employees help each other navigate to safety.

During an incident, employees report what is happening where they are - do they see the threat? Have they been injured? Are they safe? This information is shared in real-time with their co-workers helping them navigate to safety and make informed decisions that keep them out of harms way.

Simple. Fast. Affordable.

Share911 is simple to use and easy to deploy. It's purpose-built for speed when seconds count, delivering critical notifications and alerts in just seconds instead of minutes. Best of all, it works on any mobile device or computer with a web-browser. There is no equipment to purchase, no hardware to install or software to manage.

Share911 is the fastest way for our employees to not only notify our security team but also alert their co-workers when they see danger anywhere on our campus.
— Daniel Coss, Director Security, Valley Health
We’re looking for the earliest opportunity to detect a threat or crisis and obviously to notify the masses and the police as quickly as possible and Share911 does just that.
— Charlie Wolff, Director of Security, Ramapo-Indian Hills High School

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