Share911 for schools

Share911 for schools

More than 3000+ schools trust Share911 to ensure their employees can communicate during an emergency. Share911 empowers every employee to share critical information in seconds.

 Share911 for businesses

Share911 for businesses

Hundreds of healthcare, manufacturing and corporate entities rely on Share911 for communication, accountability & business continuity before, during and after an workplace emergency occurs.

 Share911 for public safety agencies

Share911 for public safety

Share911 shows law enforcement officers, firefighters & EMTs first-hand, real-time reports of danger, helps them see where help is needed and how to get there as quickly as possible.


What Share911 does

Share911 powers communication during workplace emergencies. We give employers a single platform to easily connect employees where they work while empowering them to share first-hand, real-time reports of danger or request help.


Share911 is everywhere

Thousands of U.S. K-12 schools and hundreds of business already use Share911—and more are joining the network every day.

Saving time and lives

By empowering employees to share critical information, we reduce the time it takes for react to danger or respond to help them.

Safe and secure

Share911 sets the best practices in privacy, security, and data control to help keep your employees data safe.


Share911’s key features

Location-based alerts

Employees can quickly share the exact location of danger or indicate where help is needed

Real-time situational awareness & accountability

Every employee, administrator/manager and first responder can see who is in danger, who needs help, and who is safe.

Incident Updates and Messaging

Keep employees informed of what is happening and what they need to know with Messenger, instead of leaving them in the dark.


What schools and businesses say

We’re looking for the earliest opportunity to detect a threat or crisis, notify the masses and the police as quickly as possible. Share911 does exactly that.
— Charles Wolff, Security Director, Ramapo-Indian Hills Regional High School District