Get real-time 911 alerts from your co-workers 


Instant alerts, sent directly to you by your co-workers, let you know the moment you are in danger and show you the exact location of the emergency.

Get notified when a co-worker sees a suspicious person, an intruder or a person with a weapon inside or outside of your workplace.

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Alert your co-workers when you see danger

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Share911 lets you instantly alert the people you work with when you see a threat, fire or smell smoke.

Your alert and the location of the danger is sent to your co-workers mobile device and computers in seconds.

Are you ready to be safer at work?

Do you work in a school?

With the rash of violent incidents in our schools, having Share911 can help you take immediate action to protect yourself and your students as quickly as possible.

Do you work in an office?

Whether you work in a small office or a large building, Share911 lets your co-workers notify you with if they see an intruder, fire or smell smoke.

Do you work in a hospital?

Workplace violence is very frequent in hospitals. Your co-workers can let you know when they see danger so you can protect yourself and your patients.

Do you work in a factory?

In large industrial facilities, Share911 empowers your co-workers to notify you when danger appears and you need to take immediate action to get safe.

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