Receive first-person, location-specific reports of danger

At Share911, we believe that the key to improving the outcome of the most serious emergencies comes down to empowering employees to share the location of the danger with you and their co-workers at the same time.

With Share911, every employee can notify you in just seconds.


open share911

Easily accessible from the employees own mobile device or computer.

indicate what the danger is

The employee can request security, report a threat or fire/smoke condition.

select location

The employee can select their exact location - inside or outside of your building

Add detail

If possible, the employee can add valuable information about what they see


The employee’s report is immediately shared with you and their co-workers in seconds.


Respond to reports of danger with an action alert sent from wherever you are

In response to receiving a report, you can immediately direct employees to take action to protect themselves and those persons with them. There is no time to waste in these situations.


open share911

Always accessible from your own mobile device or computer.

select alert

Choose the alert that indicates the action employees should take.

add information

If necessary, provide employees with additional information about why you have issued the alert or what action they should take


In just a few seconds, every employee will be notified of your alert electronically!

“We’re looking for the earliest opportunity to detect a threat or crisis and notify the masses as quickly as possible. Share911 does just that.
— Charles Wolff, Director of Security, Ramapo-Indian Hills Regional High School

The Share911 difference

With Share911, employees know where the danger is and what action they should take to stay safe.