What happens when a emergency occurs?

It’s time to put your preparedness plans into action. Lateral communication empowers everyone involved to share critical intelligence in real-time.


Let’s use a realistic example.

On Friday, your human resources director fired Bob who worked in the mailroom. Bob was pretty upset about it and as he was walked out the door on Friday, yelled “You’re all going to pay for this.”

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At 2:32 PM on Monday afternoon, Bob arrives in the parking lot with a handgun and is walking towards the front entrance of the building.

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Mary, the human resources director who fired Bob hears someone yell outside her window and sees Bob approaching the building with a gun.


Mary picks up her phone, opens Share911 and reports that Bob is in the parking lot and approaching the building with a gun.

Desktop notification

Desktop notification

Mobile notification

Mobile notification

911 notification

911 notification


Mary has shared the exact location of the danger with 322 co-workers, 3 security personnel on-site and 911, in just seconds.

In response, many employees immediately lock their doors while others evacuate out of the rear of the building.


Bob enters the building through the unlocked front door, walks past the receptionist in the lobby and proceeds into the stairwell to the second floor.

An employee sees Bob walk by Room 201 and reports his current location.


Police arrive and receive the updated location of the threat from a member of the security team with Share911 on their mobile device waiting in the parking lot. They immediately proceed to the second floor and apprehend Bob.

Mary’s ability to use Share911 to notify everyone, including 911, enabled more people to get safe faster while improving response time for law enforcement

We’re looking for the earliest opportunity to detect a threat, notify the masses and get the police here as quickly as possible. Share911 does exactly that.
— Charles Wolff, Security Director, Ramapo-Indian Hills Regional School District