The emergency is over, now what?

Share911 helps you ensure everyone is accounted for and reunited with loved ones, after-action reports analyzed and corrective action is taken.


Recovery begins with communication

When an emergency happens, employees on-site may run, hide or evacuate in order to stay while others may be off-site. Share911 makes it easy for you to communicate with everyone in real-time, wherever they are. The sooner they know they are no longer in danger, the better.

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With Share911, every employee can let you know when they are safe and where they are. Are they in the building? Have they evacuated? Are they off-site? Let them know they are no longer in danger and what they should do next.


Student Recovery & Family Reunification

When a school is involved, recovery involves more than just employees, it can involve hundreds (or thousands) of students and their families. Share911 makes it easy for school employees to maintain the chain of custody for students and facilitates their reunification with family members.

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After-Action Reporting

The emergency is over and things are getting back to normal, it’s time to review what happened. Share911 delivers after action reporting on all aspects of the event as soon as it’s over and forensically, in case you need it down the road.

After action reports for trainings, drills and actual emergencies enable you to take corrective action for the future.