Share911 Enable Your Building for Free

Individual User Notification

$3/per person/per mo

Receive a push notification, text messages, desktop alerts, and email

  • Receive Report of A Threat Nearby
  • Receive Report of A Fire/Smoke Condition
  • Receive Report of Someone Trapped
  • Receive Report of A Medical Emergency
  • Receive Emergency Action Alerts
  • Receive Incident Updates and Messages

911 Notification

$10/month/per building

Our live operator will contact 911 on your behalf when an emergency is happening at one of your facilities.

  • 911 Notification of a Threat Nearby
  • 911 Notification of a Fire/Smoke Condition
  • 911 Notification of Someone Trapped
  • 911 Notification of a Medical Emergency
  • 911 Notification of all Emergency Action Alerts