Critical Response Group and OnScene Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

EWING, N.J., Sep. 25, 2018 - Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG) and OnScene Technologies, Inc. today announced the two companies have formed a strategic partnership that will integrate CRG’s acclaimed Collaborative Response Graphics® into OnScene Technologies’ powerful Share911 emergency notification, response and accountability system for schools, businesses and public safety agencies.

Share911 is an emergency collaboration application that empowers every employee to share the location of danger directly with co-workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel simultaneously, in just seconds. Launched in 2013, Share911 has transformed how employees in school and business nationwide respond to workplace emergencies. At the same time, Share911 has provided law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMT's with unprecedented, first-hand, real-time information that helps them locate active shooters, intruders, trapped or injured persons as quickly as possible.

“The marriage of these two products speaks directly to the common mission of our companies - to save lives. What CRG brings to the table for first responders who utilize Share911 is a greatly improved means of navigating their way to where the danger is or help is needed, which will save both time and lives,” said Erik D. Endress, CEO of OnScene Technologies, Inc.

CRG’s geospatially accurate graphics—recognized as a best practice by numerous Chief’s of Police Associations across the country-- transform written and text-based emergency operations plans into a gridded, floor-by-floor overlay of high resolution imagery that first responders can access via their smart devices or computers. As a result, first responders can instantly visualize their physical location on the actual building plan in real time. The graphic displays accurate floor plans and critical site information, while the alphanumeric grid overlay allows first responders from different agencies to quickly and effectively communicate the locations of threats, responders, and victims—even if it’s their first time at an unfamiliar building or structure.

"We are very proud to establish this relationship with OnScene Technologies Inc. We believe the ability to quickly connect and share accurate information during an emergency is crucial to saving lives.  The Share911 digital emergency network greatly compliments CRG's mission of better preparing  organizations for a crisis, and quickly informing first responders so a threat can be quickly resolved," said Phil Coyne, President of CRG.  


About Critical Response Group, Inc.

Formed in 2016 and formerly the Geospatial Intelligence Division of The Rodgers Group, LLC, Critical Response Group is a team of dedicated, experienced and proven professionals from the U.S. Military Special Operations and domestic public safety communities. Members of our team have served as Police Chiefs, SWAT team commanders, Fire Chiefs, Emergency Management Coordinators, Fusion Center Directors and former members of the U.S. Military Special Operations Command who have served on numerous tours in combat. They have a proven record of success operating in environments ranging from the war on terror overseas to man-made and natural disasters here at home. For Further Information, Contact our office at732.779.4393 or

About OnScene Technologies, Inc.

Formed in 2013, OnScene Technologies is a team of current and former public safety leaders working alongside technologists to improve emergency communication, response and accountability.  The company launched its first product, Share911 in the weeks following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School with a goal of bridging the communication gap between building occupants and first responders. Today, Share911 is utilized in schools, hospitals and businesses nationwide during their most critical incidents and has proven to increase the speed of response by law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical personnel. For Further Information, Contact our office at: 800-469-3460 or