This software saves lives.

Share911 is the fastest way to know when you are near an armed intruder, active shooter, fire/smoke condition or co-worker experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.


Receive location-specific reports directly from the person who sees danger or needs help.

When your co-workers or security personnel see an armed intruder or active shooter at your school or workplace, you need to know about it now and you need to know how close you are to the danger in order to stay safe.

The tragedies both Sandy Hook and Parkland reveal the tragic results of people near the threat not knowing the location of the shooter.


In the time between the threat arriving and the shooting stopping, many employees saw the threat but had no way to share the location of the threat with co-workers.


With Share911 employees share the exact location of the threat and injured persons.

In just seconds, any employee who has eyes on the armed intruder, active shooter or has been injured can check-in from their mobile device or computer.

Their report is transmitted directly to the mobile device and computers of co-workers, security personnel and first responders nearby.


Security personnel and first responders can share information with employees.

Whether there is an emergency happening down the street, in front of your workplace or in your building, Share911 is the fastest way for you to know about it.

Messenger enables security personnel and first responders to communicate directly with employees, sharing critical information via text and the app.


Everyone can know where the threat was last seen and injured people are located.

As employees check-in, Share911 analyzes the data in real-time, visualizing the information needed to help employees stay safe while enabling first responders navigate to and mitigate the threat sooner.

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