The collaboration hub for todays school and workplace emergencies


Share911 enables three forms of emergency communication.


History has proven that the key to preventing injuries and casualties during an active shooter incident, lockdown or fire is communication. When someone sees something, the faster they can notify everyone they work with and first responders, the better the outcome can be.

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With Messenger, management team members can quickly inform employees of situations that may impact their safety, but don’t require immediate action.

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When a situation escalates and employees need to take immediate action to get safe such as lockdown or evacuation, Share911 enables the alert to be broadcast in seconds.

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Panic Button

If an employee sees danger or needs help, they can activate their Share911 panic button to instantly alert managers, co-workers, 911 and first responders.


Take action to get safe

When an active shooter, armed or violent intruder is observed by any employee, they are the person who can save lives by notifying their co-workers to take immediate action.

With Share911, every manager and employee has the ability to issue a lockdown alert right from their own mobile device or computer, informing everyone in just seconds.


Know if you are in danger

During a violent critical incident or other serious emergency, employees have just seconds to decide what action is necessary to stay safe – they need to know  where the danger is so they can make an informed decision about what to do.

With Share911, co-workers share the exact location of danger with every member of their network in real-time, helping them stay safe.


Navigate to the need

When an emergency is happening, every second counts.

The longer:

• A shooter is at large, the more people get hurt.

•People wait for rescue and medical attention, the more casualties occur.

Share911 helps first responders arrive on scene faster and navigate to the threat, rescue the trapped and treat the injured.


Know who is safe

When a serious incident has occurred, know who is safe.

With Share911, every employee can mark themselves safe whether they are secure in the building, have evacuated or are offsite.

As a result, administration and managers can account for their employees faster that ever before.


Locate missing people faster

When a co-worker, student or visitor is unaccounted for, they are in danger.

Share911 empowers everyone on your network to help locate them as quickly as possible.


Incident Management Tools

Share911 integrates the tools and information incident managers need at their fingertips. Building floor plans, evacuation route maps, crisis plans and after-action reports are all available within Share911.