Immediate and location-specific reports of danger from Both people and technology

According to the FBI, 69% of active shooter incidents are over in just 5 minutes. On average, one person is shot every 15 seconds while danger persists and is undeterred.

During this critical window of time in between danger presenting itself and law enforcement arriving, employees need to know exactly where the danger is in order to decide how to avoid it.

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Automate The Response


Instant and simultaneous notification in just seconds instead of minutes

With Share911, employees, building security, 911, and public safety personnel receive first-hand reports, including the address and exact location of the danger, directly from the person reporting it. As result, they arrive sooner and save lives!

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Real-Time Information

Cloud-based Share911 Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter and violent critical incidents. Everyone involved - employees, building security and public safety personnel can track perpetrator movement, locate injured persons, and respond faster with integrated navigation and maps.

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Know who is safe

Share911 makes it fast and easy to see who is safe during a violent critical incident. Employees can share their location inside or outside of their workplace while letting everyone know they are safe. If an employee is unaccounted for, managers and public safety personnel can send them a direct message to ensure they are safe.

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