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Stay Out of Harm's Way

When a member of your Safety Network sees an armed or violent person, they should call 911. While on the phone with 911, they can use Share911 to help other members determine their proximity to danger and decide whether to run, hide, or fight.

Be Someone's First Responder

When a member of your Safety Network has a medical emergency or discovers someone who does, they should call 911. While on the phone, they can use Share911 to notify you and others nearby.

Evacuate safely

When someone sees smoke or fire, they should call 911 and activate the fire alarm. While they do that, they can use Share911 to show you and other members the exact location of the smoke or fire to help you navigate safety while evacuating.

Help find missing persons.

An unaccounted-for person during an emergency is a person in danger. With Share911, Safter Network members can show you who is missing and you can help locate them.

Share Emergency Alerts in Seconds

Share911 is simple, fast, and accessible from your mobile device or computer.

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Manage and monitor critical events

Share911 provides a single source of truth to you and everyone involved in your emergency.

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Trusted by customers nationwide

Since 2013, Share911 has been used to share tens of thousands of safety concerns and emergencies in schools, hospitals, places of worship and businesses.

FrameDrill Mode

Practice makes perfect

Practice using Share911 during drills and training opportunities without causing unnecessary panic.

  • Review after action reports for drills to take corrective action and improve readiness.

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After-Action Reporting

Your forensic record of everything that occurred

  • View a chronological chain of events to review what took place and what actions were taken
  • Have a record of all of your communications, including alerts and messages

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