Collaborative Communication Software

Looking for the best communication platform for informing your employees of operational disruptions, safety concerns, and the fastest way to know when they see danger or need help? Look no further. We're here to help.


The most complete collaborative communication software

Communicating during a critical event from start to finish has never been so easy.


Communication software accessible on your mobile device, laptop, desktop or browser

For the first time, you can communicate with your employees from wherever you are, with whatever device or computer you have available to you.


A single solution for every situation.

Whether an operational disruption, safety concern or critical event, Share911 makes it easy for you to notify, alert and account for all of your employees.


Operational Disruptions

Notify employees of delayed openings, closures or early dismissals.

Utility Outages

Let employees know when the power is out or a utility condition exists.

Fire/Smoke Conditions

Direct employees to evacuate and share the location of the fire or smoke condition.

medical emergencies

Alert employees who are trained in first aid, CPR or AED when help is needed.

Emergency Activity

Let employees know about police or fire department activity in the area.

Traffic & Transit Issues

Notify employees of delays or road closures that could affect their commute.

Violent Critical Incidents

Alert employees to lockdown and share the location and nature of the threat.

off-site evacuations

Stay in communication with employees once out of your building.

Be On The Lookout (BOLO)

Make employees aware of reports of dangerous or suspicious persons.

Weather Conditions

Notify employees of flooding, snow, ice or wind conditions to stay safe.

Perimeter-based danger

Inform employees to lockout the building due to activity happening nearby.


Manage the process of reunify employees or students with their loved ones.


You’re in good company!

Customers at 3,000 locations rely on Share911 to quickly and reliability notify, alert and account for employees during critical events of all kinds.


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