How Share911 helps public safety personnel

Share911 connects people who see danger or need help directly with law enforcement, fire/rescue and EMS personnel. You’ll receive first-hand, location-based reports of active shooters, violent intruders, fire/smoke conditions, trapped and injured persons.


Faster notification

Share911 notifies every member of your agency electronically in just seconds, showing them where the emergency is happening and how to get there.

Better situational awareness

Incident commanders and all personnel receive real-time reports of the last known location of the threat, where trapped or injured persons are or where the fire is.

Safer response

Your personnel stay safer with Share911 because they respond with real-time information showing them where danger is located.


Tested and proven

Share911 has been in business since 2013 and is used hundreds of times per week by public safety personnel during both trainings and real emergencies. During this training exercise, law enforcement incident commanders relayed first-hand reports of the location of the armed intruder to the entry team, helping them navigate to his exact location.


By first responders, for first responders

Share911’s founders come from law enforcement and the fire service with decades of experience. In 2013, they launched Share911 in an effort to receive real-time, first-hand reports from building occupants that would help them respond faster.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 8.22.27 AM.png
We had a swatting incident at a school. Our first notification came via Share911. Our first officer was on the scene in just under 30 seconds.
— Police Chief John Ward

The first 911 call from inside Sandy Hook Elementary School wasn’t placed until two minutes after the shooting started.


Share911 in the command post

“With Share911 I am no longer crossing my fingers that people in the building getting through to my 911 center and that the information they are sharing is being delivered to me. With this system, everyone in the building can send me real-time information directly, right to my mobile device or computer, and I can direct my teams more efficiently.”