Manage student recovery and reunification online.

In the wake of a crisis, such as an active shooter incident, fire, power outage or other emergency rendering your school uninhabitable, students must be moved to a recovery point in advance of being reunified with their families.

For most schools, the concept of recovery and reunification is foreign. They don't have a plan for it, they don't practice it and the families of their students don't know the process.

Unfortunately, when a serious emergency has happened at a school, family members are under great stress, highly emotional and simply want to know that their student is safe. The longer it takes for reunification to happen, the worse the outcome of the incident.

Activating Your Reunification Team

We recommend that a school or district have a pre-determined, dedicated team of employees who will be responsible for recovery and reunification.

Your Recovery and Reunification Team Leader can activate team members from any computer or their own mobile device, letting them know where to report to and how many students are involved in the process. This saves valuable time versus making phone calls to each member.

 The Recovery & Reunification Team Leader activates the team from their computer or mobile device.

Student Check-In at Recovery

The student recovery team can account for each student as they begin the recovery process entering their the students name and grade level on computers or their own mobile device.

 Entry of student data is done on computer or mobile by team members as students arrive at Recovery

Self-Service Family Member Check-In

With Share911 ReunifyMe, family members check-in online from their own mobile device or at kiosks, entering their information and the information about their student.


Family Member Verification

A critical step in the reunification process is ensuring that family members are authorized to pick up their student. Share911 ReunifyMe makes that important process more efficient!

Reunification of Students & Family Members

Runner team members see which students are cleared to be reunified and can contact the student and their family member electronically to facilitate reunification.

 Runners contact the family member via text or voice and reunify them with their student.

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