Public agencies nationwide use Share911 to respond faster and communicate more efficiently with occupants of schools and businesses. With first-hand reports of danger and requests for help transmitted directly to personnel, Share911 makes help happen faster when it matters most.


How it works.

Share911 sends you first-hand reports of danger and requests for help, directly from the people inside the school or business where the emergency is happening. We automatically filter reports for you, in real-time, so you can see the last known location of a threat, what building they are in, what floor and side of the building they are on and which door will get you there as quickly as possible.


Two-way, direct electronic communication.

Share911 enables public safety incident commanders to send real-time updates and information directly to the people involved in the incident. Now, instead of leaving the occupants in the dark, wondering what is happening or what they should do, you can keep them informed.

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