Only pay for people who will receive notifications

Free to Share


There is no charge for people to use Share911 to share real-time intelligence.

  • Unlimited users
  • Report Safety Concerns
  • Report Operational Disruptions
  • Issue Emergency Alerts
  • Share the location of danger
  • Share the location of medical emergencies
  • Report Missing/Found Persons

Pay to Receive

$3/per person/per mo

Only pay for people who receive one, multiple, or all notifications.

  • Receive push notifications, text messages & emails
  • Desktop alert activation for critical events
  • Receive reports of Safety Concerns
  • Receive reports of Operational Disruptions
  • Receive emergency alerts and messages
  • Receive notification when danger is reported
  • Receive notification for medical emergencies
  • Be notified of missing and found persons
  • Recieve notifications for wellness screening results