Receive Operational & Safety Intelligence

It's never been easier to receive time-sensitive information from anyone, anywhere in your organization.

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Receive time-sensitive information, in real-time, from a single-source-of-truth

Emergency Activity

Receive reports of law enforcement, fire/rescue, and EMS activity happening at or near a facility.

Severe Weather

Be notified of impending weather conditions that may disrupt operations or present a safety risk.

Utility Outage

When the power goes out and communication platforms are down, receive messages and updates.

Wellness Screening

Real-time visibility to who is healthy enough to enter your facility and who shouldn't be permitted in.

Workplace Violence

Receive location-specific reports of dangerous and violent persons at or near a facility.


Be notified if a facility is being evacuated due to fire, smoke, gas, or other hazardous condition.

Medical Emergency

Know when someone is having a medical emergency at a facility or has been injured.


Real-time visibility to see who is safe or unaccounted for during a critical event of any kind.


Hear from an Alabama School Superintendent about how Share911 helps her know when something is happening at or near one of her schools.

“With Share911, I can be anywhere and know about anything happening in our district as it's happening. Prior to Share911, if someone didn't call or text me, I was often left out of the loop.”

“Prior to Share911, when we had a lockdown, I had no way to know which employees were safe, or where injured or missing persons were. With Share911, I see all of that live, right on my phone.”