Share911 brings it all together in one place.

Emergency communication in Share911 happens in channels — a single place for employees to report danger, for first responders to access real-time information and for loved ones to be reunited faster  — helping everyone save time and collaborate together when it matters most.


When an employee sees danger inside or outside of the building, they react by using their mobile device to report the exact location of the threat and share it with co-workers, managers, 911 and first responders, at the same time.


Seconds after an employee reports danger, all participating law enforcement, fire/rescue and EMS personnel are notified directly, arriving sooner and streamlining their response to the exact location where help is needed right now. 


In the aftermath of a serious incident in a school or workplace, family members want to know if their loved ones are safe. We make that process more efficient, resulting in less stress and confusion for everyone involved.

Connecting employees, managers and first responders together.

Share911 is a private and secure social network just for emergencies. It connects your employees, their managers and local first responders together electronically, enabling everyone to access first-hand, real-time information from a single source of truth.

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A channel for every workplace.

  • Channels connect the employees who work together at each physical location.
  • Employees can join and leave channels as needed — perfect for those who travel between facilities.
  • Management and public safety personnel are notified the moment an emergency is reported.
"The thing that worries me is that sometimes there is an issue at a school and I have not been made aware in a timely manner. The people on scene don't have time to make a call to me. This fixes that problem and automates it so I no longer left in the dark."
Dr. Kelli Hodge, Chambers County School District

Take out the middleman.

Employees share first-hand information with each other and first responders.

When an employee sees danger, such as an intruder on campus or an armed/violent person in their workplace, every second counts. The faster they can share what they see with their co-workers, managers and public safety personnel, the better the outcome can be. They shouldn't have to call the office or security who, in turn, may investigate prior to alerting employees, calling 911 and initiating response.

With Share911, every employee has the means to report danger from wherever they are, right from their own mobile device, and share it in seconds.

Best of all, because Share911 is electronic, your employees can share information without speaking and putting themselves in harms way.

“We’re looking for the earliest opportunity to detect a threat or crisis and obviously to notify the masses and the police as quickly as possible. If we’re going to empower our people, they all have to have the ability to see something and react accordingly.”
Charlie Wolff, Director of Security - Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School

Help employees make better, more informed decisions.

Schools and businesses nationwide are encouraging employees to run, hide or fight during an active shooter or workplace violence incident, but without situational awareness, how can employees make that decision?

With Share911, every employee can see what is happening around them in real-time. The information that their co-workers share helps them determine their proximity to danger. If Share911 is showing you that you are far from the location of the danger, perhaps you can run, if its nearby you might hide and if it's right outside your door, get ready to fight. You cannot encourage your employees to run, hide or fight without giving them the information they need to make a decision that may save or cost them their lives. 

Keep employees informed.

Share911 Messenger makes it easy to let employees know what's happening.

Whether there is an emergency happening in your city, around the corner, on your campus, or in your building Messenger is the fastest way for authorized members of your management team to get the word out to employees.

Each message can be sent to all personnel or specific groups of personnel that meet your needs. Many of our customers rely on Messenger for business continuity purposes, quickly disseminating critical information to their workforce.

With Messenger, your employees aren't left in the dark during an emergency, wondering what is happening, they can receive updates directly from managers and public safety personnel via text and email.

"Nobody had every tried to enable the police or fire chief in the command post to communicate with the people in the building during lockdown, fire or building collapse. We did it and has become a critical tool in the toolbox during incidents"
Erik D. Endress, CEO at Share911