Communication software that saves time.

Share911 starts by making emergency communication faster, which is the key to improving the outcome of any emergency. You'll be amazed at how quickly you, your co-workers and your workforce can share information when it matters most. 

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Transmit emergency alerts to everyone,  from anywhere, in just seconds.

When you need people to take immediate action to get safe, there is no time to waste. Share911 makes it easy and fast for you to broadcast your alerts electronically, from wherever you are, directly to everyones mobile device or computer in just seconds.

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Employees can instantly share the location of danger.

With Share911, every employee is empowered to share the exact location of danger or request help from their co-workers. The critical communication can mean the difference between life and death during the most serious emergency situations.


Stay in communication with everyone during an emergency.

With Share911 Messenger, emergency managers can send real-time updates and information to everyone, keeping them informed instead of leaving them in the dark.


Direct message or call any employee or the emergency contact.

Members of your emergency management team have access to each employees mobile number in order to reach them directly. In addition, employees can provide an emergency contact for notification purposes.


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