It starts with empowered employees.

When an employee sees danger, the faster that they can alert all of their co-workers, managers, 911 operators and public safety personnel, the better the outcome can be.

Employees shouldn't have to decide what to do first when they see danger. Should they call the main office first? Should they call 911 first? Should they call a lockdown first?

Share911 enables every employee to notify everyone, at the same time, in just seconds, while sharing the exact location of the danger with every recipient.


The fastest means of notification.

Moments after an employee shares a report of danger and where it is happening, Share911 delivers it to all of their co-workers, managers, the right 911 center and first responders mobile devices and computers.


Send alerts from anywhere, in just seconds.

When business managers, security or law enforcement personnel need employees to take action to get safe, Share911 is the fastest way to deliver the message. 


See what's happening where, live.

With Share911, every employee involved in the emergency checks in to let everyone know if they see danger, are trapped or injured, or if they are safe. 

Reports of danger or requests for help are delivered at the top of LiveView and via desktop and text alert to every employee, manager, 911 and first responders in real-time.

Employees use this first-hand information to determine their proximity to danger.

Law enforcement officers and first responders use this information to navigate to exactly where the danger is or help is needed, instead of relying on their eyes and ears to search. 


Keep everyone informed.

Whether an emergency is happening in your building, on your campus or nearby, Share911 Messenger makes its easy for managers and incident commanders to quickly and easily communicate with everyone or specific groups of personnel.



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The most affordable solution for your business.

No equipment to buy. No wires to pull. No software to manage. No surprises.

Share911 starts at just $1.50 per month per employee with volume discounts available.